Audience entre le Ministre des Travaux publics et le Chef de Mission de FISCHER CONSULTING

Protection of road heritage: Cameroon taken as an example in the Central African sub-region.

This is what emerged from the audience granted this Friday, July 15, 2022 by Emmanuel NGANOU DJOUMESSI, Minister of Public Works to Mr. BYNENS Eddy, the Head of Mission of FISCHER CONSULTING.
Indeed, the South African consultancy firm Fischer Consulting is visiting Cameroon within the framework of the Programme of Support to the Governance of Regional and National Infrastructures in Central Africa PAGIRN, financed by the European Union for the technical assistance of the perennial management of the corridors and the harmonization of the device of control of the loads. More explicitly, this programme aims to obtain, at the level of each country of the sub-region, a harmonised information system that allows the centralisation of data on the targeted network, a programming system and a maintenance and financing strategy for this maintenance. To ensure, at the level of the countries of the sub-region, a system of axle load control in order to guarantee the protection of the road heritage of the corridors, and to propose an innovative autonomous financing system making it possible to relieve the burden on the national budget.
To this end, a study will be carried out over the next thirty months. It will begin with a diagnostic phase in the six countries of the CEMAC zone, followed by the recommendations phase and finally the implementation of the said recommendations.
It should be recalled that in terms of corridor management, Cameroon is sufficiently advanced. And it has a weighing system that has reduced the aggressiveness of traffic on the road network. For the time being, it is a question of harmonising Cameroon’s weighing system, and drawing inspiration from its model for other countries in the sub-region, such as Chad and the Central African Republic. Cameroon has even gone further with the recent adoption of Law N°2022/007 of 27 April 2022, on the protection of road assets, and its Road Fund intended to finance the protection of road assets.

Marie Serges ZAKOUDA


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