un système de laboratoire performant en gestation
L’atelier de validation d’un document de politique nationale des laboratoires

Mbankomo: an efficient laboratory system in the making.

On Friday, July 22, 2002 in Mbankomo, Mefou and Akono, the Inspector General of Pharmaceutical Services and Laboratories (IGSPL) presided over the validation workshop of a national laboratory policy document in the presence of officials of several structures of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSANTÉ) and some sectoral stakeholders.
If the national laboratory policy to be set up aims at improving health care through quality laboratories and strengthening the laboratory system in Cameroon.
The new strategic orientation will contribute to the strengthening of the legal and institutional framework; the reinforcement of the operational capacities of laboratories and the improvement of the quality of services offered by the laboratories among others.
At the end of the reading of the document and the exchanges, it emerged that the laboratory, to get out of the rut, needs to be under the responsibility of a Directorate dedicated to it. Its actions will therefore be more legible and visible. All eyes are now turned towards a future reorganisation of the MINSANTE organisation chart which will give the laboratory its letters of nobility.

Marie Serges ZAKOUDA


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