Le Minsanté visite la maternité.

Maroua: Dr MANAOUDA Malachie inspects three health facilities.

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, during his working visit to the Far North Region, Dr. Malachie MANAOUDA visited the Integrated Health Centre of Ouro-chédé, the CBC Hospital of Meskine and the Regional Hospital of Maroua to assess the implementation process of the Health Cheque, and the level of celerity in the payment of related health services.
He also took the opportunity to assess the difficulties faced by these hospitals and prescribed adequate solutions in terms of human resources, quality of services and patient care.
As for the denunciations collected through the toll-free number 1506, the public health boss asked his senior collaborators in charge of the follow-up to report back to him on Tuesday 26 July 2022.
It should be recalled that this field visit comes at the end of the restitution of the six-monthly inter-regional coordination meeting of the Chèque Santé project.

Marie Serges ZAKOUDA


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