Développement de Douala.
Rencontre entre le chef supérieure du Canton Bakoko, SM MADIBA SONGUE et le Maire Roger MBASSA NDINE.

Douala: traditional communities invited to be more involved in the development of the city.

On July 17, 2022, Roger MBASSA NDINE, Mayor of Douala 3rd met with SM MADIBA SONGUE at the Bakoko Township’s superior chieftaincy.
During their discussions, the two men discussed the measures for the involvement of the local authorities of the city of Douala in general, and in particular those of the Bakoko Canton.
To this effect, Roger MBASSA NDINE, Mayor presented the various projects aimed at improving urban mobility in this part of the city, which will undoubtedly require breaking and clearing.
The chief promised to support their son and brother and to accompany him in this project. They say they are happy and available at any time that he needs their services.

Marie Serges ZAKOUDA


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