Tourism around Yaounde: Mount Endoum

Elat Minkom is a small town located in the eastern suburbs of Yaoundé. A true model of living together, as its name indicates, Elat in the Ewondo language means Union. It is indeed the center of meetings and union of populations of diverse origins. The natives come from five (5) ethnic groups:

  • Minkom
  • Yemessomo
  • Essambong
  • Enga’Nga
  • Embarak
    Many foreigners settle there in all tranquillity.
    When you are at the Elat Minkom crossroads, the « Endoum » hill looks strangely like « Mount Lee » in Los Angeles in the United States of America, which gave birth to the « HOLLYWOOD hill ».
    Our ambition is to take advantage of this resemblance to create a new city around this hill located in the south-east of the city of Yaoundé, 20km from the Nkoabang crossroads.
    The inhabitants of this city could be a new category of Cameroonians who attach importance to the quality of their habitat.
    « Mount Endoum » is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure as a local site. Its development is underway.

Endoum is a hill in the Elat Minkom mountain range which gave its name to the small town of Elat Minkom. This hill gave its name to one of the districts of the 3rd degree Nlong Chiefdom in the Awae district of the Mefou and Afamba department in the Central Region of Cameroon.
Mount Endoum is the highest and largest peak in this mountain range. It constitutes an invaluable tourist wealth for the city of Yaoundé and why not for Cameroon. This wealth only asks to be known and exploited.
From the top of this hill you have a beautiful view of the emerging city of Elat and the city of Yaounde.


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