Tourism around Mount Endoum by Elat Minkom

Tourism of nature, observation : Lovers of nature, of the mountain, short walks, photographers, hunters, gatherers, observers…
Tourism for relaxation : Simple objectives : to recharge your batteries, to rest, and sometimes to spend some energy… Week-ends walking, yoga in altitude.
Sustainable tourism, eco-tourism : Visit of sensitive natural areas and zones of faunistic and floristic interest,…
Artisanal and commercial tourism: Local producers, direct sale of artisanal products, local specialties
Gastronomic tourism: Local culinary specialties and alcohols.
Sports tourism: Training, practice of different mountain sports, events: matches, competitions, races, shows, festivals…

Entertainment tourism: Objectives: sensations, adrenaline
Religious and family tourism: Different from cultural tourism because the goal is to pray, to go on a pilgrimage or to gather with the family to celebrate a religious event (wedding, baptism, Christmas, funeral…) or a family event (birthday).
Cultural tourism: Historical and protected tourism; Film tourism (filming of movies and series).
Scientific tourism: Observation of fauna and flora, development of night activities in the mountains such as stargazing through the presence of astronomy clubs and telescope rentals.


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