Population of Cameroon on 2010

Population of Cameroon

The population of Cameroon on 1 January 2010 was 19,406,100. This figure is based on the analysis of demographic trends observed from the 1976, 1987 and 2005 censuses.
In 1976, Cameroon had 7,663,246 inhabitants; in 1987, the population was 10,493,655. In 2005, the final results of the 3rd RGPH indicated 17,463,836 inhabitants. This demographic evolution confirms the maintenance of a strong human potential in the country, with an average annual population growth rate evaluated at 2.8% during the period 1987-2005 and at 2.6% between 2005-2010.
Based on the demographic trends thus identified from 1976 to 2005, it is possible to trace the past and projected population of Cameroon year by year.

Depending on the region, there are relatively large variations in the gender structure of the population. The 2010 sex ratios indicate that the Centre, South and South West regions have more men than women.
In contrast, women are more numerous in the Adamaoua, Far North, North, North West and West regions. A near balance is observed in the Littoral and East regions. Regional variations in the population’s gender structure are related to the selective effects of internal migration, which affect men and women living in a given region in a differential manner.
According to the numerical importance of their population, the regions of Cameroon can be classified into three categories:

First category: the most populated regions with more than 2 million inhabitants; these are the regions of the Centre (3,525,664 inhabitants), the Far North (3,480,414 inhabitants), the Littoral (2,865,795 inhabitants) and the North (2,050,229 inhabitants).
Second category: regions with a population of between 1 and 2 million inhabitants: these are the North-West (1,804,695 inhabitants), West (1,785,285 inhabitants), South-West (1,384,286 inhabitants) and Adamaoua (1,015,622 inhabitants) regions.
Third category: regions with less than one million inhabitants: these are the East (801,968 inhabitants) and the South (692,142 inhabitants).

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