History of Yaounde’s aeroport

In 1937, the first airfield (class C airport) of Yaoundé was opened, 5km south of the city, after the relocation of the village of Ekounou which occupied the hill.
The laterite runway of 1735m is open to DC3s and in the dry season to DC4s of Air Afrique and Air Cameroun. A few years later, the runway was tarred.
In 1963, the runway, which could only accommodate DC3s, DC4s and DC6s, was lengthened for the arrival of Caravelles.
In the longer term, a new runway is planned on the hill used by the Akonolinga road….
In February 1968, President Ahidjo inaugurated the new Yaoundé airport.
From 1984, the project of a new terminal building was retained, as well as the extension of the runway in order to be able to accommodate tri- and quad-jet aircraft and to avoid transhipment in Douala.
The Yaoundé-Nsimalen International Airport (code NSI) located at Nsimalen, a suburb in the south-west of Yaoundé, 22km from the city centre, was commissioned in 1991, with a runway of 3400m.


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