Interview accordée aux médias lors de la visite de Yaoundé.

Yaounde: Exploring solutions to end flooding

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, Ketcha Courtès, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, went on the field to touch the real causes of the floods recorded once again at Kennedy Avenue, as well as at the Central Post Office.
After having inspected the dalot located at the municipal road, the Mfoundi Canal, the market area, the craft centre and the Kyriakides park of Élig-Essono, Célestine Ketcha Courtès and her suite identified the real causes of the floods. It goes without saying that the incivism of citizens is increasingly decried. In fact, many people dump their rubbish in the riverbed. To this end, firm instructions have been given to the various officials. It is a question of making proposals as a matter of urgency in order to remedy this urban social phenomenon in the short term.
It should be noted that in the face of this thorny problem of flooding, government development projects are underway. These include the PADY 3 and the PCADY (Complementary Project for Sustainable Sanitation in the City of Yaoundé). This project includes the construction of a water retention basin at Ceper Élig-Essono in Kyriakides.

Marie Serges ZAKOUDA.


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