Réhabilitation de la Nationale N9, Mbalmayo-Sangmélima
Descente sur le site des travaux de réhabilitation de la route Mbalmayo-Sangmélima.

Rehabilitation of the N9 National Road, Mbalmayo-Sangmélima: how will the work be carried out?

The rehabilitation project of the N9 National Road will be executed in three lots and will put forward a process of recycling of the pavement. More explicitly, the project consists of the rehabilitation of 115 km of road with the following specificities at the level of the pavement: cold in situ and continuous improved emulsion recycling (EIR) of the existing emulsion pavement, for the base and sub-base layers, including the shoulders; the additional contribution of 0/31.5 NGT materials for recycling and eventual recharging; the emulsion impregnation with sandblasting and the laying of a two-layer surface dressing on the pavement and shoulders.
Indeed, the works on the first lot, which extends over 39.5 km, will be executed by the company ROUTD’AF; the second, 42.5 km, is covered by the company ARAB CONTRACTOR and the third, 33 km, by RAZEL Cameroon.
The works include for each of the lots, installation, cleaning, earthworks, cleaning and earthworks among others. The preliminary works include backfilling from borrowed material; cleaning of earthen ditches; cleaning of natural outlets and creation of triangular earthen and diverging ditches.
As for the pavement works, they include the clearing of potholes; the cold recycling in situ of the existing pavement with emulsion, for base and sub-base layers; the additional supply of 0/31.5 GNT materials for recycling and possible recharging; the emulsion impregnation works with sandblasting; the application of the two-layer surface dressing on the pavement and shoulders. The project also includes drainage, signalling and safety equipment.
During the execution of the works, there will be no modification of the alignment, nor any widening. The geometric characteristics of the road will remain the same.
Thus, this Monday, July 25, 2022, Emmanuel NGANOU DJOUMESSI, Minister of Public Works made a visit to the site of the rehabilitation of the Mbalmayo-Sangmélima road. This enabled him to observe the effectiveness of the mobilization of the three contracted companies.

Marie Serges ZAKOUDA


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